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Practical Guide to Core Measures Improvement

Learn how to meet Core Measures requirements from someone who helped develop them.

Core measures data reporting is required to maintain Joint Commission accreditation, but even though they are collecting the required data, many hospitals continue to struggle with how to make that data useful.

Practical Guide to Core Measures Improvement is a book and CD-ROM set, created by a former member of The Joint Commission s research department, that offers practical methods to help you use Core Measures to achieve noticeable performance improvements at your facility. It shows you how to gather the most useful data and apply it, rather than let your efforts go to waste once the data are reported.

It will help you:

– Aggregate, analyze, and report results of Core Measures data collection
– Plan a course of action to turn those results into actionable changes
– Implement those changes to create quality improvements

Other products may address how to initially collect data to meet core measures requirements, but they do not give you real-world applications to use that data for quality improvement. However, Practical Guide to Core Measures Improvement gives you guidance for what to do after data collection, to ensure that you are not simply collecting numbers, but using that data to obtain measurable results.

This resource provides:

– An overview of Core Measures history
– Details on individual Core Measures
– Insights on the most challenging measures
– Interpretation of Joint Commission requirements and expectations
– Explanation of recent changes to Core Measures, including:
– Additional reporting requirements
– New options for reporting
– Guidance for data collection and what the data means for your facility
– Tools to simplify data collection
– Best practices to turn raw data into meaningful and actionable results
– Implementation strategies
– Case studies providing firsthand advice from the field
– Customizable tools on CD-ROM to aid in implementation